FOCO opens new offices

We are very happy to present to you our new offices. We are now located in front of the Sutiava National Police Delegation, León - Nicaragua.

This has been a new year's goal with the objective to provide a better service to our community. Beside the administrative offices, we also opened a provisional dental clinic called "Marina Maradiaga Basic Dentistry Center", where we provide basic dental services at a subsidized value in the areas of oral health education, dental cleaning, fluoride, dental filling, dental sealants and dental extractions. Furthermore, we will be opening a dental laboratory which will provide the dentist with the services needed in order to get funds for the different projects and self-sustainability of the foundation. 

This past February 16, we had the inauguration activity with the presence of our board of members, special guests, volunteers and friends of the foundation, where we share the vision of the institution and the different projects planned for this 2018.

Here are some pictures! Enjoy!