Dental Care Day

4th Dental Care Day

The Community Dentistry Foundation - FOCO in Spanish - held, between November 3 and 5 in the community of Sutiaba of the city of Leon, his 4th Dental Care Day successfully. There, over 50 patients received basic dental services such as dental cleaning, resin and amalgam restorations, extractions, etc.; in addition to providing oral health education and prevention to attendees. This time, with the collaboration of Colgate, we were also able to provide 101 children of the School Modesto Armijo with dental kits for their oral health care.

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the attendees who trust on the work of the Foundation, and the various volunteers, friends of the foundation and sponsors who made it possible to carry out this 4th activity.

Volunteers and friends of the foundation:

• Dental students from UNIJJAR: 
Jorge Aníbal  Artiles
Marling Chaves Saavedra
Jairo Antonio Fonseca
Nadia Elena Gutiérrez
Argelis Morales Montano
Katlheen Charlotte West

• Other volunteers:
Dauer Jose Hernandez
Osman Magdaleno Vanegas
Guadalupe Romero
Amayrani Martínez

• Colgate- Palmolive
• Servicios Dentales
• Radio F: 105.7 FM
• Don Will Munguía

“We provide social service to nurture our professional values” - FOCO