The Board of Directors

Juan Vanegas R.    President

Juan Vanegas R.


Aura Vanegas    Treasury

Aura Vanegas


Juan Vanegas S.    Vice-President

Juan Vanegas S.


Axel Vanegas     Vocal

Axel Vanegas


Karen Mayorga    Secretary

Karen Mayorga


Our Mission

Dental caries and periodontal diseases have historically been considered the most important overall oral affetions, particularly in marginalized groups of developing countries. The Pan American Health Organization notes that low-income families, groups with lower social development as well as migrants, and people with disabilities are those who receive less care and are at higher risk for oral diseases. The distribution and severity of oral diseases vary in different parts of the world and within the same country and in Nicaragua there has been reported some relevant data.

Herrera et al.* reported that:

  1. The prevalence of dental caries in 6 years old children was 72.6% and that of the permanent dentition at 12 years was 45.0%; and from the total of 1,400 children tested, only 28.6% were caries free in both dentitions.

  2. Children that experienced caries in primary dentition were more likely to have caries in permanent dentition.

Medina et al.^ reported that:

  1. The overall average DMFT index is 10.25, and at 12 years old the average DMFT is 4. This increases with age and there is no difference between sex.
  2. The prevalence of dental caries begins at very young age and increases with age, as well as the prevalence of periodontal disease.

* Herrera, M. Medina, C. Maupoméc, G. Prevalencia de caries dental en escolares de 6-12 años de edad de León, Nicaragua. Gac Sanit. 2005;19(4):302-6
^ Medina, C. Cerrato, J. Herrera, M. Perfil epidemiológico de la caries dental y enfermedad periodontal en Nicaragua, año 2005. Universitas. Vol 1. Año 1. 2007. 39-46.

Based on this alarming data, in 2009 an initiative, led by Dr. Juan Ramon Ramirez Vanegas, first president and one of the founders of FOCO, arised to create a group of people committed to improve the oral conditions of the population with these characteristics, and to increase the quantity and quality of the dental services provided to the community, besides creating a culture of prevention of the oral diseases.

At FOCO our vision is to become an organization of excellence in the assistance to the community, continuos education, and research.

At FOCO our vision is to become an organization of excellence in the assistance to the community, continuos education, and research.

Since 2009, several Dental Care Days were done in the communities of Chichigalpa, Sutiava, and Chontales, held with own resources and many volunteers. In addition, we participated in different activities in the communities of Esteli and Jinotega, driven by other organizations. In 2015 the Dental Community Foundation - FOCO is formally created and gets its legal status as a non-profit organization, motivated to continue working for the benefit of the Nicaraguan community.

Our Principles

It is under these principles and other values, including responsibility, commitment, efficiency, quality, empathy, cooperation, initiative and transparency; that the Dental Community Foundation is committed to continue working to improve the oral health of the Nicaraguan community.